Air purification through algae photosynthesis

Change in attitude:

To be able to meet the challenges with global warming and to sufficient changes we believe that a global change in attitude needs to happen. Researchers have not been able to find any solution that comes near to earths own photosynthesis when coming to carbon storage. Therefor it might be evident that plants are the way to turn this nightmare situation around.


The air we breathe every day is getting more polluted for every breath we take. 

By using algae we have created "Nori". The first air purifier that uses algae for cleaning air. 

The potted plant:

In almost every home one will find plants of some sorts, either for company, to be eaten or as a means of cleaner air. We believe that by replacing the plants in the home and introducing algae-bioreactors, one can create a change in attitude towards this mostly forgotten species. Which in turn can lead to larger and larger scale production of algae. By beginning in the home its just a matter of scaling…

Air purifying reinvented

"NORI" gives air purifying a whole new dimension. The machine consists of a main body where all the magic happens, a hose and the output where clean air is pumped out. 

Main body: 

In the main cylinder of the product dirty polluted air is pumped in through a thin filter based on your location. We offer both Hepa filter, Hepa+coal filter and plain fabric filter. After the air has gone through the thin filter it will be pumped through a water tank filled with algae. The algae eats up pollution before sending the clean air to the surface. 

The head:

The cleaned air goes through a hose before being released out into the air. The head is designed to be subtle and beautiful wherever you want clean air. The head is covered with fabric in the same color as the input-filter, and there is several colors to choose  based on your taste. 



Different possibilities 

The head is designed with changeable fabric which hides away the industrial looking air holes, creating a friendly product that suits your home.

The fabric is washable and since it`s so easy to change you can personalize the product as often as you like.  

Algae tank

Lifting the top lid of Nori will show you where all the magic is made. 

Underneath the lid you will find a tank which can maximum hold 3 liters of algae water. 

The water tank can be lifted out when change of water or algae is needed. 

The hole

The big circular hole in Nori is actually where the product both sucks and blows out air. 

The fabric which surrounds the hole isn`t just for the looks. It is in fact a filter and you can either use it plain or with extra filtration capabilities like: Hepa and coal. 


The flexible design with a smaller head where all the clean air is pumped out is perfect for flexible positioning. 


By using a hose to guide all the clean air from the bigger device to the smaller head, you can easily use it in every setting. 

 Product development

We have created a product in a new product-category of "Algae air purifiers) and our 

process in finding the "right" product hasn`t been easy.


Concepts and directions

When designing a type of product that doesen`t exist today, 

we had struggles designing a product that didn`t belong to any typical product category. 

But our 2 main moodboards to follow when creating concepts was: 

 1. Industrial, Kitchen, Braun, airpurifier

2. Hay, Interior, clean, livingroom

Concept development


We have created over 40 different concepts and directions to decide where our product will be placed. 

This is some of them.



Organic and fluid shapes




Industrial, Kitchen appliances and compact size



Strange, beautiful and playful



Hay, interior design and playful



Clean, steady and modern



Normal, kitchen appliance and clean



Weird, strange and industrial



Artsy, modern and playful



Artsy, elegant and playful



Provocative, modern and playful


Throughout the semester prototyping has been one our most important tools when designing this new product. 
When prototyping we have used different kind of foams to make fast and cheap models. 
This has made it possible to quickly discuss and move on to next prototype. 


Making concepts alive

One thing is making shiny perfect renders. It is something quite different to make the concepts into foam models which both takes time and energy. But what we got out of making all the concepts was worth the work.  


Who we are

The designers Lasse & Jens are both studying industrial design at The OsloSchool of Architecture and Design.


Lasse Thomasgård
Industrial Designer

Lasse believes in designing functional objects that reflects and help users needs. 




Jens Christian Boxaspen
Industrial Designer