Could semi-living plant based drones be the next generation technology to replace the current environmental monitoring methods in the Amazon rainforest? 

BIO_DRONE - an autonomous hybrid drone that is designed by merging the plant Boquila trifoliolata with electro-digital drone technology. The resulting is a concept of a hybrid biosensing drone that aims to provide more advanced data about the world’s most complex and highly threatened biome - the Amazon rainforest.


Plants are able to read and adapt to their environment. The climbing vine Boquila trifoliolata from the temperate rainforest of southern South America can mimic the leaves of surrounding plant in terms of size, shape and orientation. B. trifolata can mimi mimic up to eight hosts on the same plant without a direct contact between the vine and the tree it mimics.


The AMAD_LAB is a semi-autonomous environmental monitoring system built to be used by the local communities, researchers and scientists in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil.

The AMAD_LAB consists of the three elements:
1) The autonomous charging station
2) The set of six mini-drones
3) AMAD APP to set up the drone missions and monitor the results.

Designer and Drone pilot
based in Oslo, Norway