“The sharp increase in snus use among adolescents and young adults could almost be described as an epidemic. There is nothing to suggest that the increase will stop,” says Professor Jan Alexander, Deputy Director-General at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

SNUS has caused some issues in our daily life. Let's find out what's going on there.


Recycled SNUS Package

The departure point is the SNUS itself. It’s a common smokeless tabacco which is popular in Scandinavian country. Here are three main issues which SNUS causes the problem most heavily. And in my project I’ll deal with package and waste problem for present concept. And for the futeure is the health issue.

According to a 2014 report from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. This report shows that there has been a dramatic increase in snus use in Norway. Within the last several years, the import of snus and other smokeless tobacco has tripled. In 2009, Norway imported about 602 metric tons but by 2014 this had tripled to 1815 metric tons. And the increase in Scandinavian snus consumption in Norway is highest among young people. According to this report, if one box of snus is 40 gram package. Then there are more than 4 million boxes of SNUS on the shelf in Norway. Although it’s not popular like the cigarette in the world, but it still can cause some problems.

Alternative inhaler

For solving the problem (mostly cancers) that SNUS, tobacco, cigarette cause to the human beings, I want to provide people a new product (inhaler) to replace that people are using now.

Natural Plants

This product allows people use the natural plant to wake up or refresh their mind. Here are some plants can be used for the purpose. They all have very strong and special smells which can effect to people. And It could cause much less harms to the humans.

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Hsuan Han Chen
Industrial Designer