2037: The Energy Symbiont

Civilisation will move to regenerative systems. Where energy is an outcome of the care we humans put into the systems that help us survive. Our biomes will be self sustaining passive systems. We nurture and care for the biome while in turn it converts our waste into food and water and energy. Making the humans become modern symbionts.

2022: Self-Reliance

The so called "third world" takes matters into their own hands in building grassroots energy movements. ORJA is used to make energy on an individual level. Bring communities untouched by energy dependency to realise and give value to energy. To use it as a necessity rather than in excess.

Energy Enigma

We cant live without energy. Modern civilisation is inseparable from it. Yet we do not know what the real nature of energy is. We turn the switch and expect things to just work. The true nature of energy, its true costs are hidden behind massive infrastructures and apparitions. It is as elusive as it is ubiquitous.
But does it have to be so mysterious?

Energy Descent

We have been living on borrowed time. What we have today is wasteful systems that incentivise resource maximisation. With the decline of oil and coal power it will boil down to making systems that need little to no energy. These would mean we design products and services that actually are self sustained and regenerative, taking nature as inspiration. Like growing your own mycelium bricks for homes, in situ manufacturing with 3D printing or using your own domestic waste to grow your own food at home.


Do it yourself. Maker movement. All form of decentralised organisations that are intricately linked and still function on very individual terms.

Shifting Paradigm

Being self reliant in terms of energy doesn't have to mean the end of “modernity”. Elemental forces and properties can be used to create something extraordinary. We don’t need to reinvent nature, but borrow those ideas. These changes do need whole new ways of rethinking social and economic power systems.

Do It Together

Participating together in creation leads to strength of community. Cooperation and solidarity go a long way in creating meaningful progress. Though we may have stumbled along the way we owe it to our future to make human society realise its potential. 

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Jomy Joseph
Industrial Designer
Delhi, India

I'm an product designer with my finger in many pies. I work with design as a means to create a discourse on what the future in a finite world would be. What it means to thrive and not just survive.