This is a product concept for a self-heating portable food storage called GoEat. It can get your already prepared meal heated, during your work or travel time or on the go. My project focussed on the question of how design can improve the eating and carrying experience. Three different compartments can stores hot and cold food.This is my attempt on food storage.My goal is to create a food container that would be easy and convenient to carry and use.

More pictures

Tumblr on the project
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Shirui Zhuang
Graphic designer/Industrial Designer

I studied 4 years of graphic design in Central Academy of Fine Arts.Since September 2015 I have been starting my master education of Graphic Design in CAFA.I came to AHO for my second year of master education as an exchange student to take my master program.

This is my first attempt of product design.I’am also interested in industrial design since I came here to learned lots of things about industrial design and protoHype.