-Start Point-

Millions of us enjoy an energy boosting cup of coffee to help us start the day. But what if that same cup of coffee could also produce energy to help power the planet?

 As we know, coffee grounds waste happened in all over the world, here in Oslo, there are 18 thousand tonnes of coffee waste each year. so, based on this circumstances, my project is try to find a suitable solution to help to reduce the waste.

 -Process Of  Thinking-

My thinking of this project is start on my experience to become an exchange student here in Oslo, there are huge difference between Norway and China, and I'm try to find something I interest to do, which is the city.



First, I was think the big environment which we are live in, it is the city. And I think city is so important that they are not only foundation of the human civilization but also the centre of the social and economic power drive skills and resources in one place.


  • My grandma is born in 1930s, at that time world’s populations was still small and predominantly rural, only 15%people live in cities
  • When my mother was born , in 1960s,  that had already doubled in terms of our urban populations, arounds 30% in which 2.8million people live in cities;
  • When I was born in 1990s, basic 1992, that's massive growth again, 43%of nearly 5 billion people live in cities.

What about next 30 years?  

This trends is going to continue, and  in 2050, there will be 75% of 9 billion people on earth live in urban. And because of that, many serious problems start to come in our direly life.
  • Which I mainly interest in city is about the waste, particular in coffee waste, because one of projects I was set at CAFA in China, is to design brand graphic for a coffee shop, and also I wanted to open a coffee shop in Beijing


 Like everything from water supply, economic prosperity, waste to energy resource all that affect urban life, and now all this global problems will be massively enhanced 


  • My project is try to reduce the waste  in coffee industry supply chain, because I found out how much coffee we drink and how much waste is out there, and also the coffee waste is pretty interesting.



Based on all my research, my solution is to build a machine that can transformer the coffee grounds to pellets, this coffee grounds transformer can save the coffee waste and help collected coffee grounds from factories, coffee shops and offices into a sustainable fuel.

Now, there has factories make coffee grounds turn into two different kinds of fuel product: one is Bio-diesel, like a liquid transport fuel, used on cars, buses, stuff; the other is the Pellets, use to heat the house, help refugee to get warm.

My project is try to make the machine smaller,  also easy to operating at the coffee shop, restaurant or at home, where people can reuse the coffee grounds instead throw it away.



 Benefit of the pellets

Pellets are a high-performance and alternative to conventional fuels. They can be used on a wide range of appliances such as wood burning stoves, BBQs, pizza ovens, smokers or just on an open fire at home.  Coffee-Pellets give everyone the chance to heat the house cheaply and sustainably.


 Structure inside the machine, usually take four steps to transfer

  1.  Put the grounds into the container, to extract oil out of it, the oil can be made the liquid fuel used in car;
  2.  Pour the oil out of the container, let the rest of the oil-free grounds put back in the bottom of the container
  3.  Then there is a drying tablets can make the oil-free grounds to dry;
  4.  last it is to die pressing it into the pellet shape


 -Process Of Prototype-

Let's see the mock up!

 -About Product-

This film shows the process of making the prototype, also how to use the machine in the real environment.

 -Concept Of Future-

In 2030, image you  have a zero waste coffee-lab in your house, isn't that sounds nice? A coffee-lab in the future coffeeshop can finish the eco-system which is the coffee beans to coffee grounds to pellets to heat coffee machine, in this system all the material can be recycle, basic no waste, and also help to make money.

More pictures


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Xuan Guo      

Graphic Designer、Industrial Designer

China, Beijing

For my point of view, I found make Prototype is the most interesting part in Industrial Design.

To show your design to people about its function and how it can help improve people's life is also great experience.