Life of Product

Just like aquarium fishes, products got diverse life expectancy. Some product we only use it for less than one day, actually even less than one minute. Like package, when you buy a new product home, there are always packages, you just tear it up and throw it in a dustbin without a look. There also are something standing longer, like rubber gloves, toothbrushes, sponges... Those consumptions usually are made of very durable materials, they can last longer than human being's life expectancy. 

According to Oral Health Foundation,an independent charity organization , which is based in UK and Europe, only 40% of people would reuse their old toothbrushes for other uses.The most popular use for old toothbrush is cleaning bathroom’s tiles.There are 60% of users just throw old toothbrushes away even though those brushes are in a good condition.

How if we can extend toothbrushes’ life?

There are some facts of toothbrush. during the life expectancy , 3 months, if you brush your tooth twice a day, then you will use it 180 times in total ,and the time that you actually hold it in your hand, its only 6 hours . after those 3 months , about 60% of them will be throw away immediately, rather than be used for other way, like brushing shoes or tiles. Over the course of a typical lifetime we should get through over 300 tootbrushes each so that's a significant number of toothbrushes simply disappearing into the dustbin.

But how if we can give those toothbrushes second life and make them stayed in our home longer?


YungHan Hsiao
Industrial Designer

I am a master student of AHO,eager to sustainable , user-centered design.Using the simple way to resolve the complicate problems is my design philosophy.